The "Here For You" Campaign, hosted by Louisiana Baptists, is an effort to give those who do not have a relationship with Jesus a chance to say "Yes."  

Would you like to know more about becoming a Christian?   It is the best decision that anyone could ever make!  Feel free to call us at 225-355-5605 or email us at  Pastor Mike  would love to talk with you in depth about knowing and having a relationship with Jesus.    Our church is here to pray with you and support you throughout your life journey.  

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hope givers international

The mission of Hope Givers International is to provide "Help for Today - Hope for Eternity".  This Great Commission ministry, led by Dr. Samuel Thomas, rescues orphaned, abandoned and at-risk children from impoverished areas of India.  They also assist the needy and oppressed in collaboration with their Ministry Partners.  

The organization's long-term vision is to disciple " One Million Orphan Leaders by 2030!" These orphans are sharpened with the Word of the Lord and then launched back into the heart of their own villages to reach others for Christ. 

To learn more about the ministry of M.A. Thomas, Hopegivers' founder, visit their website at  We encourage you to become a financial ministry partner.  To discover how your money will be used to further God's kingdom, please watch the video below:  

Hopegivers Orphan Sponsorship.