The Pastor's wife

A Note from the Pastor’s Wife,

I am praying for each one who will attend VBS and for all those who have volunteered. (Or those who have been voluntold) Just because someone does not teach, do crafts, or music it does not mean they are not important. Every assignment is an important part of making VBS a success. Wiping noses and sometimes tears can help to build bonds between one another that are not easily broken. Praying with someone having a bad day or life sometimes is a matter of life or death. We do not completely understand what our part is regardless of a titled position; God’s ways are higher than our ways. However, we are all a piece of the working puzzle of life and without workers covering each post the puzzle is missing pieces. Whether you attend or volunteer be of good cheer in the Lord.

Have you invited anyone in the past month to come to church? (This does not include someone who attends a doctrinally sound church on a regular basis.) Have you shared the Good News in the past month? Anywhere? Well now is the perfect time. Put it in your mind to do so. Have a great summer and Praise the Lord Praise the Lord today!

In Christ Love