The Pastor's wife

A Note from the Pastor’s Wife— 

What a year to reflect upon! It is my prayer that when we do so and recall the good that we will store it and build upon it to use for the glory of God. Likewise, when those bad memories pop in and try to overpower our thoughts we should take them captive, making them obedient unto the Lord and build upon the victory for the glory of God. Our God is a good God, the One and only true God; He created the universe and everything in it; He is the Maker and Taker of life. Life is in His hands and there is not one thing we can do about it! However, He gives us a choice while we live that we should live for Him. Doing our very best to obey His commands. If we slip and fail in our choices then we are to confess and repent getting back into fellowship with our Lord.  For we know not the day nor the hour that will be our last. We say, “I’m ready to die and go to heaven,” maybe your salvation is secure but do you have un-confessed or un-repented sin in your life? I would be quite embarrassed if taken unawares to stand before the Lord. I want to be as close to Jesus as possible, sin moves us further away from our Lord. Where is your heart? As an example, when we participate in The Lord’s Supper we are asked to examine our life before we partake of this ordinance. We need to examine our heart and mind on a daily basis, and for some hourly. You know that the heart is deceitful above all things.

    I heard a sermon about the Laodicean church, how sad it was that the fine Christians did not realize Christ had left. There was no vision; the church was running just the way they wanted, by who they wanted. Check - went to Sunday school, check - attended Wednesday prayer study, check - wrote a check for the missions. This church was just going through the motions no True Love in sight, just playing church. Let us give the Lord our all this year! If you belong to Him, you know the areas you need to work on just as I know the areas I need to work on. I do not have to be told the error of my ways. I just need to get it right with the Lord!

    I want to tell my church family thank you for the prayers, the visits, calls and text, food, the cards and especially love poured out to my family during dad’s stay in the Butterfly Wing and then in his passing.  Lanier showed Christ’s love to many and my family and I appreciate your love and kindness.


In Christ Love



PS-Thank You Bro. Sammy & Mrs. Jo David for calling me and praying with me during this hard time, you have no idea how much it meant to me and how much I appreciated that phone call. You have been great witnesses and examples in our lives. We love you. God bless. 

Thank you,