the Pastor's pen - February 2023

Greetings to Everyone,

    I hope in the Lord that everyone is getting along well. We are now seeing many churches only having Sunday school and a.m. services. Many no longer have Sunday evening nor Wednesday services. I want to bring you back to a time when people were attending worship services twice a day, every day. 1 Chronicles 16 speaks unto the subject. While it was in accordance with the law, it was good for the people to remember the Lord regularly. I believe this is beneficial for us in our walk with the Lord today. I preached on this not long ago and was asked to recap the 10 points we should be conscious of each day.

1) Call on the Lord; find something you are thankful for.

2) Make Him known to someone every day.

3) Christian music: sing or listen to hymns of praise each day.

4) Rejoice in the Lord for His goodness and provisions.

5) The Lord is where our strength comes from; do not shy away from a task

6) Do not take the Lord’s wonders and miracles for granted, be thankful.

7) Take time to be a servant, it keeps us humble.

8) Remember that we will answer to God and give an account.

9) The New Covenant is everlasting and Great News the Lord never leaves us nor forsakes us.

      Therefore you are never alone.

10) One day the Lord will call us home, live for the Lord today, you may not have tomorrow.

    We know that in the course of a day there are many trials and distractions, do your best to honor God, each day has enough worry all to itself. There are many evil things taking place all over the world and even in our own neighborhoods but remembering daily that our Lord is with us He is still on His throne and in charge, He is worthy to be praised, He is coming soon.

    Special thanks to Bro. Robert, Bro. Joseph and all who had a part in making the Easter Drama a success. We rejoice in the decisions of those who came to know Christ as their Lord and Savior and for those who rededicated their lives to Christ. Now, we look forward to what the Lord has in store for the Women’s conference May 5 & 6. Please be in prayer for the many upcoming activities.

In Christ

Bro. Mike