the Pastor's pen

Greetings To Everyone in the precious name of Jesus:

I pray for each one of you, knowing that burdensome, trying times are affecting us all. Please pray for one another, serve one another, and check on one another. The church becoming the church outside the doors of the church building is what I write on this month. What a need there is all around. Pay attention, look and listen you will surely see. 2Cor.1:3-11-gives insight into this subject. The apostle Paul opens the subject of telling us how important it is to praise the Lord in everything and to remember that the Lord has much compassion for us. However, we must realize that we need to comfort those around us with the comfort we have received. This comfort should overflow from our life into other’s lives. Christ working through us will produce endurance, patience, and understanding when dealing with others during every trial or trouble.  We have the blessed hope of our Savior and Lord. The Lord can see us through many situations beyond our ability to endure and He will surely do so. (Now our Savior has done in us what only the Savior could have done, for this we praise Him!)

Many things that we face are allowed so that we remember that we must rely on God and not ourselves. Keep your eyes on Jesus your hope in Him and help others along in your prayers, actions, and thoughts. It will lead to many to give thanks to the Father for your faithfulness and you will be an answer to someone’s prayer.

I close on this with the most current topics: viruses, hurricanes, lack of gasoline, food, water… either have been affected by them or not, if you are one of the fortunate ones and have not had much trouble, reach out to one who has, doing everything you can to help them make it through. It would mean more than you could ever know.

In Christ Love,

Bro. Mike