How we began...

The church was founded in 1954 when the movement of the Holy Spirit led 23 like-minded people to start a meetinghouse in the area.  These individuals contacted Fairfield Baptist Church to ask about the possibility of them sponsoring a small mission church.  As we Baptists like to say, the motion was presented, the members voted, and the sponsorship carried.   On June 2, 1957, the group held its first service as "Fairfield Baptist Mission."  One year later, on June 1, 1958, that small mission church became the Lanier Baptist Church we know today.

...where we are now

The members of Lanier Baptist Church, led by Reverend Mike Ferguson, are undaunted by the overwhelming odds facing Christians in the world today.  We continue to rely on God, our Father, to guide and direct us-- just as we have since 1957. We search for ways to serve our community and to share the Father's love and forgiveness with a hurting world.   

The presence of the Lord is prevalent at Lanier, and the congregation is one that is deep-rooted in love. We invite you to join us for worship.  Come get connected, grow in your faith, and become a vessel that God can use to further His kingdom.