STATE of the LBC Campus

The Lord is our Rock and Fortress. He is faithful and true, and has provided adequate funding for the repairs thus far on the buildings listed below.  Additional prayer, man-power, and funding will be needed to complete the remaining repairs throughout the campus.  We have been blessed beyond measure by the donations of money, materials, labor and time, and we are in awe of how God is restoring Lanier.  

  • Sanctuary - 100% Complete

    Praise the Lord; we are back in our sanctuary. The sound system has been repaired from the lightening strike.  Work  is now complete on the ceiling, walls and floors of the Choir and New Believer's Counseling  Rooms.  

  • Church Office - 100% Complete

    All repairs have been completed in the office. 

  • Sunday School Rooms - 100% Complete

    All repairs have been completed in all of the rooms.  We still have some ceiling repairs to complete due to a roof leak, but not associated with flood.

  • Choir Room and MISC Offices - 100 % Complete

    Roof repairs are now complete. The rooms have been painted and flooring complete. 

  • Annex Conference Building - 100% Complete

    This building now has a new AC unit installed and final renovations are complete.  The room is currently being used for overflow attendance and special event functions.

  • Fellowship Hall - 100% Complete

    By the grace of the Lord, we were able to salvage this building to begin services the week after the flood.  This was our temporary worship center while repairs where being made on the sanctuary.  We still need to replace the exterior doors AGAIN.  The first set did not hold up.