"The anchor holds, though the ship is battered.

The anchor holds, though the sails are torn.     

I have fallen on my knees as I face the raging seas.

The anchor holds in spite of the storm. "


The words of this old hymn, written by Lawrence Chewning, so aptly depicts what our State has experienced since the rain began on August 12, 2016. This historic flood has caused unimaginable devastation and hardship within our communities, but we need not despair because our "anchor holds" in spite of our circumstances.  

The Lord's eyes are upon us, and He holds us in His hand. Jesus Christ is our anchor. When tough times occur and the trials of life overwhelm us, we must remember that God always has a plan. Trust Him. We may not always understand His plan or feel like His plan is best for us, but we must trust Him.

prayer needed

Most importantly, we ask for your prayer during this time.  Our entire campus was affected by the flood.  Every building took on water and will require extensive repair.  Just like many others, we did not have flood insurance; our property has not flooded in the past 59 years.  In addition, many families in our congregation were affected by the flood as well. 

We cry out to God and ask why?  Why has this happened to us?  How will we rebuild the church without the necessary funding and materials?  Will we have enough manpower to make the repairs?  When will the church be restored to continue God's work?  Despite all of our questions, we trust God!  Even now the Lord is parting the waters for our restoration.  

Prayer is key to our restoration.  Please pray for our pastors and their leadership of the church during this difficult time.  Pray for our congregation during this emotionally trying time.  Pray for the funding to purchase materials needed to repair and refurnish our buildings.  Pray for the health, safety, and rest for all of our workers for we have a long journey ahead of us.  

calling all volunteers

Church members have joined together to begin removing the debris and saturated materials, and the Lord has begun to send volunteers to assist us from across the state of Louisiana. 

If God is prompting you to serve in any way, please be obedient to His call. We NEED You! There are many opportunities for you to serve. You can stop in and work on one of our buildings, prepare a meal for our workers, or provide snacks and drinks to help them stay hydrated.  

We need cooks, clean up crews, debris removal, carpenters, plumbers,  painters, and other skilled and unskilled laborers. The church is open Monday through Saturday from 8am until the last person leaves. 

donations & Financial Giving

If the Lord is leading you to donate materials for the reconstruction, help furnish the church buildings or make a financial donation, we would greatly appreciate your help! The resources that you donate and the help that you provide will further God's kingdom as Lanier Baptist Church continues to minister to the surrounding community.

If you have questions or would like to volunteer for an area of service, please contact our church office  at 225.355.5605.  May God richly bless you as you continue to serve and follow Him.