lanier cookbooks

In connection with our 60th Anniversary, we have decided to reprint our 50th Anniversary cookbook.  It is cherished by so many because a number of the recipes from this book came from charter members who are no longer with us.  What better way to honor the memory of those cooks than to pass down their recipes for generations come!

We have received many calls from people who lost their cooks books in the Great Flood. At this time we are only able to reprint the 50th as shown below. This could change based on the interest level and demand for the previous editions. 

We are currently taking pre-orders to obtain an estimated count. By placing a bulk order, this should help in lowering costs from the local printing company.   Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to purchase the 50th cookbook and/or if you are interested in any of the other editions. 


Call the church office at 225-355-5605 or click on picture of Recipes & Memories to reserve your copy today.   

  • Recipes & Memories

    This cookbook was printed in conjunction with our 50th Anniversary.  The book details the history of our church from 1957 to 2007--the year it was printed.  This is definitely a book you want to have in your library to reflect upon memories of the church and its members.

  • Lanier's Silver Anniversary Cookbook - Out of Print

    This book was dedicated to  the memory of Lonnie H. Bearry.  The purpose of the cookbook project was to earn money to provide a time of spiritual enrichment for the young people of Lanier.  Bearry provided untiring and unselfish service to the Lord and made a lasting impression on the youth of the church.

  • Lanier's Recipe Revelation - Out of Print

    This cookbook was sponsored by The Youth Choir.  The following explanation is found in the pages of the cookbook:  "A cookbook by definition is a book of directions and recipes for cooking. This cookbook goes a step past this definition because of the contributors who shared their recipes for publication within the covers. While this book contains many different recipes,  the common thread is that each recipe represents an expression of love."