The Louisiana Hunter Educaton Course is more than just for hunter safety.  Everyone interested in firearms, hunting and conservation will be interested in this course.  Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries developed the hunter education course to help make hunting a safe activity.  

Louisiana law requires all hunters born on or after September 1, 1969  to receive the Hunter Education Certification from a LDWF approved course prior to hunting in Louiiana.  The minimum age for Certification is 10 years old.  

The Certification course covers firearm and hunting safety, wildlife management principles, ethics, game identification and outdoor survival.  Students will also be required to complete a live-fire exercise.  Firearms and ammunition will be provided.

Courses are taught by LDWF Education Program staff and volunteer instructors.  Volunteers undergo background checks and receive training and oversight from LDWF staff.  This course is taught by volunteer Phillip Manual.